Phoronix Test Suite

When doing some recent hardware benchmarking with Phoronix on CentOS 6 I found that the Phoronix-test-suite RPM from the epel repo was missing some dependencies.

Patch was the main dependence missing but I also installed a couple others. This is the yum install command I ended up using on severs with the minimal CentOS 6.3 install.

sudo yum install patch phoronix-test-suite pcre pcre-static pcre-devel mingw32-pcre opensips-regex ghc-pcre-light ghc-pcre-light-devel

Once the install finished this is the commands I ran as root to start the test

phoronix-test-suite list-suites
phoronix-test-suite benchmark universe

Phoronix will download and run the test. On slower network connections this can take a long time. Even on a 100MB connection it ran over night. Some test downloads failed the first download and required input before they would redownload. I didn’t see an option to pass it a yes to all which would have been nice.

You can see a example of the results at


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