Battery Backups

Just found a great site about home and mobile battery backups Listen to the pod cast linked to at the top of the site its a  wealth of information for free. Part 1 is all about batteries plus a lot more. Part 2 builds on part 1 and includes information on how to turn a truck bed tool box into a mobile power center charged by your engine and optionally solar. Thanks Read more [...]

Vitamin infused tea

About a moth ago I was eating at a subway and noticed the black tea said vitamin infused. The tea had a normal back tea taste and I thought with the amount of tea I guzzle down each day it might be nice to get some vitamin's from it. I wasn't able to find out what was added to the Subway tea but I did find that Rosehips have a lot of  vitamin C so I ordered a bag from amazon. I also found that rose hips can be used to tread  diarrhea and  constipation. I didn't think Read more [...]

Cleaning up my music collection

My music collection was a mess from moving it between devices, backups and  adding to it.  I thought it was time to put Linux to work and clean up my collection. This is how I did it.   Remove unneeded files I first had to do some clean up. to me this is just blot. Some will want to keep the album art so this might not be for all. find . -type f -name "*.db" -exec rm -f {} \; find . -type f -name "*.jpg" -exec rm -f {} \; Remove Duplicates Next I wanted to find all the duplicates Read more [...]

Brass Cleaning

I have been cleaning a lot of brass lately and needed a way to set the Case Tumbler without forgetting about it. This is what I came up with. Currently I use a Cabela's Model 400 Vibratory Case Tumbler which only holds 600 45acp and 450  223.  I usually runt he tumbler for 2hr and wanted away to set it and walk away so I could start it before work and at lunch. I had a difficult time finding a count down trimmer that could do more then 60 minute. I finally settled on this Read more [...]

My new favorite headlamp

The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II headlamp is my new favorite headlamp. I like that the light is light on my head and can utilize multiple batteries. I held off on getting lights that used CR-123 batteries because I didn't want to have yet another size of batteries around the house but the advantages of the CR-123 batteries make it worth it. This light has a huge advantage over other headlamps because it can use CR-123A or AA batteries. The light is light and comes in handy Read more [...]

The Homebrewer’s Garden: How to Easily Grow, Prepare, and Use Your Own Hops, Malts, Brewing Herbs

Today I thought I would do a book review on The Homebrewer's Garden: How to Easily Grow, Prepare, and Use Your Own Hops, Malts, Brewing Herbs by Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher. This is a great book and the only one I know about that combines gardening and home brewing. The book contains 4 chapters. 1. Homegrown Hops 2. Brewing Herbs 3. Homegrown Grains and Homemade Malts 4. Beer Recipes: Using Homegrown Hops, Brewing Herbs and Homemade Malts This book offers a lot of information Read more [...]

Thank You Veterans

Thank you for your service.

Evaluating eCommerce site with

I have used on this site in past post to evaluate a blog performance. Today I thought it would be fun to do a similar exercise on a eCommerce site with I don't own a eCommerce site so I wont be able to show the before and after like I did in the past. For this post I picked because it has everything you need to outfit your man cave and I like the site. When evaluating a eCommerce site I look at site search, site navigation and site speed.  Read more [...]

CB Install

Got my CB installed in my 2007 Dodge 2500 just in time for a week long road trip. The Dodge has a manual transmission (G56) which adds alot of challenges like where to mount the CB. The wife thought the CB should be removable which I thought was a great idea but also added to the challenge. I decided to go with a smaller CB to widen my mount options. I picked the Midland 1001LWX because of its size and because it also has weather. I ended up mounting it next to the passenger seat and console with Read more [...]

Vacuum Firefox, Thunderbird and Eclipse Squlite script

Wrote this little bash script after I learned about squlite vacuum. #!/bin/bash #Best to stop the apps before but just incase if [ $(pgrep thunderbird >> /dev/null 2>&1)$? = "0" ]; then echo "please stop thunderbird" sleep 10 pkill thunderbird fi if [ $(pgrep firefox >> /dev/null 2>&1)$? = "0" ]; then echo "please stop firefox" sleep 10 pkill firefox fi if [ $(pgrep eclipse >> /dev/null 2>&1)$? = "0" ]; then echo "please stop Read more [...]