My new favorite headlamp

The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II headlamp is my new favorite headlamp. I like that the light is light on my head and can utilize multiple batteries. I held off on getting lights that used CR-123 batteries because I didn’t want to have yet another size of batteries around the house but the advantages of the CR-123 batteries make it worth it. This light has a huge advantage over other headlamps because it can use CR-123A or AA batteries.

The light is light and comes in handy when Bar-B-Queuing outside during the shorter winter days or just working around the house. The light mounts to the head strap with a clip that can also be used to clip it on a belt but not when its on the head strap. It came with a helmet mount which I haven’t found a use for yet.

The lamp has 4 led settings. Which C4 LED,  5mm LED IR, 5mm LED Blue and 5mm LED Red. Alos not sure what good the 5mm LED IR setting is unless you have night vision.

With a CR-123A battery the C4 LED will run for 6 hours on high outputting  55 lumens. With a AA battery the light will run for 2 hours on high outputting 47 lumens.

So fare I really light the light and its my go to light for around the house.


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