CB Install

Got my CB installed in my 2007 Dodge 2500 just in time for a week long road trip. The Dodge has a manual transmission (G56) which adds alot of challenges like where to mount the CB. The wife thought the CB should be removable which I thought was a great idea but also added to the challenge.

I decided to go with a smaller CB to widen my mount options. I picked the Midland 1001LWX because of its size and because it also has weather. I ended up mounting it next to the passenger seat and console with a bracket I built out of aluminium.









If I was using the CB all the time I would NOT have chosen this location because it does require me to take my eyes off the road to change settings and read the display. With the CB in this location it still allows for fully movement of the passenger seat and doesn’t interfere with the cup holder or sifter and I haven’t received any complaints from passengers.

I built the mount bracket out of aluminum flat bar stock I picked up at Home Depot. I chose aluminum because it cuts easy with a jig saw, files easy and bends easy yet holds its shape after being bent under moderate stress and weight.  The bracket was very easy to bend and I use the existing seat bolt to mount it.


To make it removable and because the CB is drawing very few amps I wired it into a 12 volt plug. The antenna wire was ran through the firewall underneath the console so if I do remove it I can tuck the coax back between the seats and it wont get stepped on.

I went with Fire Stick for the  AntennaMount and  Coax because its good made in America brand. I had to go with the Fire-Flex coax cable with Fire-Ring because the standard coax connector wouldn’t clear. I also had to modify the hood mount and cut a notch out of the back with my jig saw so I could bolt it up.









Over all I’m very happy with the way the install turned out 3000 miles and no issues. The only permanent modifications I made to the truck was the three screw holes under the hood for the antenna mount. I still need to tune the antenna but the reception is good and the weather radio is a nice touche.

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