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Speeding up Word Press Part 2 Caching and Compression

Today's post will cover improving this sites performance with Browser cache and Compression. After the last post, we ended up with a score of 88/100 which is good, but we can do better. Browser caching is very easy to enable in WordPress and should give some decent gains to visitors viewing multiple pages and post. Because I had the W3 Total Cache plug in installed, it only took a couple mouse clicks to setup. From the admin page I selected Performance >> Browser Cache. From there Read more [...]

Speeding up Word Press Part 1 Optimizing Images

The First optimization I want to tackle is images. According to the results I can save  26.3KiB by optimizing My favorat tool to optimze PNG files is pngcrush. I like to install pngcrush on all my workstations.  If your using Fedora or Centos installing its as easy as "sudo yum install pngcrush" if you have the rpmforge repo set up. Once you have pngcrush install its a simple as typing Read more [...]

Speeding up WordPress

When looking to improving this sites performance I first looked at what suggested. The results below are from a WordPress install in bluehost with the W3 Total Cache plugin installed and Tweaker4 theme. The only content is the generic Hello World post. In the following post I will try to reach a score above 95. 95 is a arbitrary number I just came up with and a personal goal Im trying to reach. To me the score doesn't even really matter but making pages Read more [...]

Things to do after the WordPress install

This post will cover some of the steps I take right after installing WordPress. First things First thing is to login to the wp-admin page select "Setting" >> "General" on the left nav. Make sure the Title  TagLine, email and Site Address all have the correct info and save any changes you make. Second select "Users" >> "Your Profile" in the left nav. Set your Nickname, Display name publicly as and email and save the changes. Robots.txt It's a good idea to put a robots.txt file Read more [...]