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Jboss Performance Tuning Basics 1

Tuning Jboss for performance. Some of the basics will be covered in this Part and Part 2 will go more in depth. Update Java If its a new install or an existing application update java to take advantage of any bug fixes and performance improvements that have been made. Heap Its generally best practice to set -Xmx and -Xms (the heap) the same. Giving them a ton of memory isn't always the best thing because it could/will increases stop the world GC pauses. Make sure you leave enough memory Read more [...]

Evaluating eCommerce site with

I have used on this site in past post to evaluate a blog performance. Today I thought it would be fun to do a similar exercise on a eCommerce site with I don't own a eCommerce site so I wont be able to show the before and after like I did in the past. For this post I picked because it has everything you need to outfit your man cave and I like the site. When evaluating a eCommerce site I look at site search, site navigation and site speed.  Read more [...]