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Inexpensive Linux laptop

Was browsing Ebay and noticed you can get a Dell Latitude D630 for $100 to $160.  The Dell Latitude D630 is great for linux and might be a good inexpensive Linux laptop option for you. When buying a used laptop I look at CPU speed, battery capacity and that the screen is in good condition. I would buy from a seller that has measured the battery capacity.  Ram is inexpensive for the older laptops but if it has 2+GB of memory I probably wouldn't upgrade. I usually plan on putting a new Hard Read more [...]

My new favorite headlamp

The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II headlamp is my new favorite headlamp. I like that the light is light on my head and can utilize multiple batteries. I held off on getting lights that used CR-123 batteries because I didn't want to have yet another size of batteries around the house but the advantages of the CR-123 batteries make it worth it. This light has a huge advantage over other headlamps because it can use CR-123A or AA batteries. The light is light and comes in handy Read more [...]