Brass Cleaning

I have been cleaning a lot of brass lately and needed a way to set the Case Tumbler without forgetting about it. This is what I came up with.

Currently I use a Cabela’s Model 400 Vibratory Case Tumbler which only holds 600 45acp and 450  223.  I usually runt he tumbler for 2hr and wanted away to set it and walk away so I could start it before work and at lunch.

I had a difficult time finding a count down trimmer that could do more then 60 minute. I finally settled on this $16 Digital Countdown Timer from Amazon.


This is a picture of it and the Kill-A-Watt with the tumbler running.

count down timer and Kill A Watt

The Cabelas tumbler only uses .08 kilowatt-hour in a 2 hour run.



I’m very happy with the timer so fare and think a count down timer is a must for any reloaded. I can now get a couple more loads of brass cleaned each day which allows me to keep up with the smaller tumbler and saves me from having to buy the big Dillon tumbler. It would be nice if the tumbler manufactures would build in a timer.

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