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Setting time without ntp access

Testing some hardware at a lab I ran into a time sync issue. The servers  didn't have outbound access to ntp (port 123 tcp or udp) but the servers had full outbound access to the web (port 80 and 443 tcp). Only having access to the servers for a week I didn't want to waste much time on setting up time. This is the hack I came up with. I created a script called and added it to roots cron so it would run every 15min. This kept time in sync enough for my testing. #!/bin/bash date Read more [...]

Phoronix Test Suite

When doing some recent hardware benchmarking with Phoronix on CentOS 6 I found that the Phoronix-test-suite RPM from the epel repo was missing some dependencies. Patch was the main dependence missing but I also installed a couple others. This is the yum install command I ended up using on severs with the minimal CentOS 6.3 install. sudo yum install patch phoronix-test-suite pcre pcre-static pcre-devel mingw32-pcre opensips-regex ghc-pcre-light ghc-pcre-light-devel Once the install Read more [...]


I just finished reading CA$HVERTISING by Drew Eric Whitman. CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone I found it to be a good read and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about marketing or needing a refresher from a college marketing class. The book was clear about the concepts and provided plenty of examples.  I liked how it was to the point and informative.  I wish this was the book Read more [...]

Automatic CentOS 6 Installation DVD With Kickstart

Automatic custom CentOS 6 Installation DVD With Kickstart This is how to add and remove packages from a Centos or like iso and create a automated install image. This should work with any rpm distro that uses anaconda as its installer. Anaconda/UX that ships with Fedora 18 and newer may have some differences. You will need the install images and a workstation running a rpm anaconda based distro. I used Fedora 17 as my workstation and the Centos 6.3 dvd images. The DVD images can be found at Read more [...]