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Happy New Years

Happy New Years. If your still planing your new years party check out for some New Years party ideas. You might also find these links helpful. Ideas on things to do New Years day Help with New Years Resolution Read more [...]

Boycott Get Rich Slowly

I'm boycotting the Get Rich Slowly blog. It used to be a good blog but now its dead. On Dec 18th they posted a post called the cost of gun ownership and in the post said they didn't want to make it political. The timing is disrespectful and it had nothing to do with personal finance.  How do you post on one of the hottest political topics of the week and say you don't want it political? A personal finance blog isn’t the place to debate gun politics and I'm not sure I call what they Read more [...]

Battery Backups

Just found a great site about home and mobile battery backups Listen to the pod cast linked to at the top of the site its a  wealth of information for free. Part 1 is all about batteries plus a lot more. Part 2 builds on part 1 and includes information on how to turn a truck bed tool box into a mobile power center charged by your engine and optionally solar. Thanks Read more [...]

Vitamin infused tea

About a moth ago I was eating at a subway and noticed the black tea said vitamin infused. The tea had a normal back tea taste and I thought with the amount of tea I guzzle down each day it might be nice to get some vitamin's from it. I wasn't able to find out what was added to the Subway tea but I did find that Rosehips have a lot of  vitamin C so I ordered a bag from amazon. I also found that rose hips can be used to tread  diarrhea and  constipation. I didn't think Read more [...]

Cleaning up my music collection

My music collection was a mess from moving it between devices, backups and  adding to it.  I thought it was time to put Linux to work and clean up my collection. This is how I did it.   Remove unneeded files I first had to do some clean up. to me this is just blot. Some will want to keep the album art so this might not be for all. find . -type f -name "*.db" -exec rm -f {} \; find . -type f -name "*.jpg" -exec rm -f {} \; Remove Duplicates Next I wanted to find all the duplicates Read more [...]